I’m tired of having a LJ and a WordPress blog.  I never know where to post things, and it annoys me that WordPress doesn’t have a few things I wish it did (email upon replies to comments, private posts, etc).  So I’m moving my blog to LiveJournal.  Update your links, please.  K thx.

I’m sure it’s going to annoy me that Livejournal doesn’t have features that I wish it did, too.  I’ve gone from Blogger -> WordPress -> LiveJournal, and I’m sure I won’t stop until I find Blogging Nirvana.

I’m entirely too picky when it comes to Blog Services.


In order to solve this problem, I ordered some bows from bloomingbows.com. I ordered a bow in every color she wears: sage green, lavender, pink, and light yellow. They came today, and I’m so excited about them. They’re so cute. I put one in her hair and they made me actually laugh out loud.  Apparently she thought they were pretty funny as well.

We’re never going out in public without a bow again!

Morning Hair.

After baths, I’ve been combing K’s hair straight back. It’s getting really long and hangs down in her face. Soon, it will be in her eyes.  I can only imagine how annoying that would be to a six-month-old. I’m hoping that by combing it straight back, it will train her hair to stay off her face a little better. So far, it’s working, with a funny side-effect: My baby gets morning hair.

I can’t help but think she’s going to be annoyed with me in another 14 years. ;)


I think our baby might be left handed.  I wonder if that is something you can tell this early.  She seems to be much more active with her left hand than her right.  She has her left foot in her left hand much more often than her right, and when she reaches for a toy, it’s more often with her left.

If she is left handed, that is a trait she inherited from her father.  Perhaps along with that, she’ll inherit his artistic nature.

First Illness.

When I got home from walking with a friend last Monday, I realized that K had diarrhea. She was otherwise fine so I didn’t think much of it, except that she had it the next day, too, and was starting to get diaper rash. Wednesday she had terrible diaper rash and still had diarrhea, so Thursday, I took her to the doctor. She looked, felt, and acted fine other than her poor little bum, which was on fire.  I wasn’t too worried, but I just wanted to make sure that I was doing everything I could be doing for her.

The Doctor diagnosed her with a mild case of Rotovirus. We’d had 1 of 3 doses of the vaccine — enough to keep her from getting really sick, but not enough to protect her from getting it altogether. She also said I had to get on top of that diaper rash, otherwise we’d start getting down to raw skin and have a really unhappy baby. So, every time she poops I pop her in the sink and wash her bum with water. I’m glad we have a facuet that pulls out and can be aimed around as needed. ;)

The diaper rash has cleared, and the Rotovirus is gone, but the lactose intolerance caused by the Rotovirus isn’t. Since her diet consists of milk (hello, lactose!), and since I feed her about 8 times/day, I also wash her about 8 times/day. The doctor said the lactose intolerance could last another week. Hooray.

I’ll be glad when this is over.

Rolling Over.

Last Sunday, K rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time. The worst part was that both B and I missed it. I was in here inputting receipts into Quicken, and B was on the couch with his laptop doing email. I heard K fussing, and I said, “B will you fix her please?” He looked up from his computer, and said, “Oh! Well, she’s on her tummy! That’s why she’s mad!” I was so bummed that we’d missed it.

Yesterday, I set her on the mat and went into the other room to do something. When I came back, she was on her tummy again. This time she wasn’t mad, just hanging out. She’d rolled over again, and I missed it again.

This morning, I put K on the mat, with her head by the window, and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. I checked on her after a few moments, and saw that he was happy on her mat with her legs in the air, so I went back into the kitchen to finish making breakfast. When I went back in to the living room, I found her like this.

I pulled her over to the rug and we played a while with the Baby Einstein Blocks. She started to fuss so I rolled her over on her back, and she rolled right back over to her tummy. So now I’ve seen it. Elves aren’t coming in and rolling her over, she’s doing it on her own.

Damn Bureaucrats.

Tuesday, I went to the Social Security Administration, I never changed my name on my SS card after I got married, and the SSA never sent me my daughter’s SS card. I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

I was only marginally successful at the social security office. They would not change my name on my SS card without my marriage license (which I can’t find), and they wouldn’t give me K’s social security card without some Identification for her – and get this, the birth certificate doesn’t count. I have to have her pediatrician write a letter that states she was born at Swedish hospital. Apparently a letter from the doctor counts, but a certified birth certificate from the county in which she was born does not. I reeeeally hate bureaucrats.

Going to the SS office is like going to the DMV but about 10x worse. It was totally creepy there, with a formerly homeless guy (after making paper airplanes out of the brochures and throwing them around the room for a while, and creepily walking around the room standing too close to people, sitting down, standing up, etc., he announced he had recently gotten his first housing since 1994), a guy who didn’t seem to have all his marbles and was wearing a hat that was from the “military book club,” another guy who seemed to have all his belongings with him, many immigrants from Asia & Africa (two of whom were very nice, smiling and waving at K to entertain her), and me, the lone gal-with-a-baby. I will see if I can do the rest of the processing by mail.

The good news is that they did print out a “Social Security Number Verification” for me, so now I at least know her SSN. With that information I was able to open up a 529 plan for her. BIL and SIL3 gave us a monetary gift upon K’s birth, and a nice long letter with instructions on opening a 529 account. Because doing that kind of research overwhelms me, and because BIL is pretty smart about money, we just did what he said to do: We opened an account with College Savings Iowa.

We are currently doing an automatic contribution of $50/month. That should buy a book or two. My dad has said that he wants to be “The Education Grandpa,” and will also put more money into the account for her. Hopefully this tiny account will grow and grow, and be a nice chunk of change by the time she’s ready for it.

“Where do you think she’ll go to college?” my dad asked me last week. “Probably WSU,” I said. “A Cougar?! You mean we’re going to have a Cougar in this family??” I said, “Dad, we already do have a Cougar in this family, and we’re really glad that we have him.” He laughed and said, “Oh I know. But her grandpa is a Husky. If she wants to be a business tycoon, she should be a Husky.” Then he added, “Or she could go to Harvard.”

I said, “Well, we’ll have to see what she’s interested in, and which school has a good program for whatever that is. She’ll go wherever her brain will take her.” I want her to go to the Edward R. Murrow school of journalism and become a journalist. ;)


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